I Will Fight For Your Child

I handle contested and uncontested custody issues ranging from modification of visitation and child support, to adoption, name changes, and more. Whether you have been through a divorce and now need to change your custody arrangements, or if you were never married and need to put a plan into place, I can help.

I need more information about what services you provide and any other vital information you would like to put in this area pertaining strictly to child custody.

You Might Be Paying Too Much

Child support is set based on standard calculations. If your circumstances, such as the amount of time you spend with your children, or the amount of money you earn, have changed since your child support was last set, you may be eligible to have it modified. Call me today to see if a modification of your child support obligation could help you save money. The amount you would save often offsets the cost of modifying child support in a short amount of time.

What Is a Primary Parent?

In the State of Tennessee, when two parents ask the Court to enter a Parenting Plan Order, one issue that frequently arises is the meaning of the phrase "primary residential parent." Many people incorrectly assume this means the main parent, or the parent who does the most in caring for the child. In reality, this term is simply applied to the parent who receives more parenting time, even if only a day more. So, when you see this term used in your paperwork, do not be alarmed.